Law Firm Public Relations- Tiffany Fina Law Firm

It wasn’t long ago that attorneys regarded public relations as something that merchants and not attorneys; however, law firm public relations is now a critical component of the marketing arsenal. Tiffany Fina Law Firm is one of the authority sites on this topic.

 However, attorneys are advised to ask themselves the following questions prior to undertaking a law firm public relations campaign:

– Will law firm public relations help achieve business goals?

– How will law firm public relations initiatives be measured? What will some of the benchmarks and milestones look like?

– Why does the firm want to engage in law firm public relations at this particular juncture?

– Who is the target audience? Does the firm have several audiences?

– How does the firm wish to be perceived in its target market(s)?

– Is the law firm public relations strategy realistic?

– What are the specific PR tactics, such as giving CLEs – both online and in person – getting published, becoming a source for the press, conducting seminars, etc.?

– Can law firm public relations goals be met within the allocated time frame?

– Do you want public relations for practice groups or do you want PR help when working on a specific case?

– How long will the firm be committed to law firm public relations initiatives?

– Which attorneys will regularly talk to the PR professionals to brainstorm ideas, etc.?

– How comfortable are the attorneys talking with the press?

– Do the firm’s attorneys have a basic understanding of how the press works?

Practitioners of law firm public relations recognize public perceptions still have a strong hold in society. Visibility and credibility still go a long way in cementing business relationships and deals. The credibility associated with getting cited in press or seen as an expert is very hard to buy in advertising dollars. Showcasing legal expertise through consistent law firm public relations is a powerful business development tool that brings with it visibility and, more importantly, credibility, which ultimately leads to more business.

Law firm public relations initiatives can help law firms maintain/improve their image, increase brand recognition, bring in new clients, and position it or its practice groups as thought leaders and experts in key target markets. Publishing articles and books and landing speaking engagements will help attract media attention and are essential to building the thought leader profile.

However, for any law firm public relations strategy to be successfully implemented, buy-in from the decision makers of law firms is required first and foremost. When executed well, law firm public relations achieves several objectives, including being an effective tool to support sales and marketing goals as well as positioning the practice groups as thought leaders and experts.